Dais Associates

Dais Associates specialises in secure data transfer and data extraction software, producing critical-path applications used by Financial Institutions in 12 countries in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

Based in the United Kingdom, Dais Associates' consultants and developers work internationally for our clients' in-house projects, as well as producing software that we sell to a wider market.

Our latest software product, SecurityBlanket, was designed and developed initially to secure a client's International Payments Processing interfaces. No single product existed that could ensure the multi-platform end-to-end security, integrity and confidentiality demanded by our client - so we wrote SecurityBlanket.

Now SecurityBlanket is already being expanded into a family of related products. These programs provide all the functionality required for secure file transfer that assures data privacy and integrity for any entity that routinely transmits confidential material over insecure networks.

Our Integrated Solutions family of data extraction tools was developed for the HP NonStop Enscribe environment, in particular for banks running the ATLAS Wholesale Banking system. Teams of programmers - Dais progammers amongst them - spent their lives writing Cobol programs to extract data to send to other systems. There simply had to be a better way.

We wrote Integrated Solutions to automate and simplify the data extraction process. It is now used by banks to feed interfaces, data warehouses, user reports, and general demands by users for data from a variety of NonStop applications.

Learn more about SecurityBlanket  (pdf: 143k)

Learn more about Integrated Solutions  (pdf 225k)